Ready and waiting


She perched on the edge of the chair, careful not to disturb the sleeping cat. Twisting her ankle this way, then that, she admired the shining toe of her boots as it contrasted with the knitted fabric covering her leg. Leaning forwards she slowly pulled the laces tight, fastening each bow as she let a grin spread on her face “Oh yes! These really are the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. I am sure he will approve”

She had intended to have the tree decorated in time for his return, but truth be told she suspected he might be more interested in her adornments. A flush spread to her cheeks as she heard his key in the door, and she was unsure as to whether it due to the open fire, or her plans for the evening. She grabbed the mistletoe and awaited his reaction to the scene she had prepared for him.

Boots: Frenchie from Gos  available at Epiphany

Pose:  Santa’s Baby from Gingerfish available at Tannenbaum

Hair: Magika Freya

Meva: Bridget Corsage and sleeves

Lantern: 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Lantern Cage

Chair: Fapple- Angel Oak Throne

Cat on chair: O.M.E.N . Sleepy Bengal .

Plate: striped mocha – plate with baubles – silver

Alouette – Box of Ornaments 1

Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Golden White

Skybox: American Gothic – (RageWorks)


Lost in thought


She closed her eyes as final rays of autumn sun pierced the forest canopy spattering her skin with patches of weak warmth.

She let the woodland speak to her, the scent of crushed bracken filling her nose as the chattering of a group of tiny birds surrounded her as they made the most of lingering insects and remaining berries on the bushes.

She needed this… the calm which swelled her heart and soothed her thoughts. Her fingertips traced the lines on the tree stump she sat on. A small insect ran over her hand, a reminder that even in the seeming death of the tree, it still supported life.

At peace, she opened her eyes and startled two pheasants which had stalked her, but now flew screeching into the tree above her. She started a little, but then grinned, glad to be alive!


Tree stump with pose, Gingerfish, Burning Leaves Exclusive from TLC

Hair: Tram, G0419

Top: *B.D.R.* Grey Afternoon Sweater+Shirt

Jeans: Blueberry, Melanie

Boots:  Deadwool, Ulrich boots.″>Deadwool

Hamper: { What Next } Winter Harvest Picnic Hamper

Pheasants: TLC animated animals Pheasant Male and Female

Something to hold onto

Hold onto2.jpg

She wished she were seen to be something worth holding onto. It struck her as frustrating that the moment she seemed happier in herself, that was when others saw no need to value her as she was, or seek to revel in her.

Shoes: [Gos] Khloe Buckle Platforms available now at  Uber :

Panties: Erratic: Cerise

Bed: Bazar, Traveler-Double bed

Defend what matters!


Thing is, nobody is going to be as interested in your happiness as you yourself should be. Too often my happiness has come second to trying to ensure that others are happy. It’s a valiant thing to think of others, but I have realised that if I don’t fight for my happiness, nobody else will see it as being important.


Boots: Gos, Ariana Thigh High boots.

Pose: Gingerfish, Gypsy Cove/169/198/25

Hair: Truth, Jamie

Top and shotgun, both Ensnare from toksik, available at Epiphany, Epiphany/112/130/56

Skirt: Blueberry, kimi suede skirt. and Blueberry/129/163/29

Taken on Arranmore