Be prepared!


“Always keep your bowler on in times of stress and watch out for diabolical masterminds.” This is a quote I have on the front of my SL profile. It was said by the character Emma Peel to John Steed, as parting advice just before she left the 60s TV show, The Avengers.

The bowler hat has become an item of fashion, so quintessentially associated with us Brits. To me it goes hand in hand, or on-head-in-hand the umbrella. I don’t mean the clever, small ones which collapse in on themselves to fit into even the tiniest handbag. I refer to the long, walking-stick-sized item with a point at the end.

I am often to be found in SL wearing a bowler…. which perhaps says a lot about the presence of stress and diabolical masterminds… haha. I am also very fond of umbrellas, proper ones. After all… they are most useful when it rains…. or the shit starts flying, but you can also whack someone with them, if needed! *grins*



Bowler hat : Deadwool

Umbrella: What Next – with pose built in.

Hair: Stealthic – Ascension

Romper: Blueberry – Nikita

Boots: Gos – Ariana




I still feel your touch, like the lines on my skin….


We all touch each other in some way as we travel through life.

Yes, I try always to be the best influence that I can, to reflect the best and celebrate the light. My aim is to tread lightly and share smiles.

Too often I am struck, and at times shocked when masks slip, and in a moment I must strap on the age-tempered armour of my strength to protect myself from the pain and negativity inflicted carelessly by others.


Now and then….

I find my smile reflected in that of another. Spirits are lifted, as positive optimism, meets optimistic positivity…




This amazing pose is another from Gingerfish poses, and is one of the Bad at Love series.

Hair: Passion by Stealthic

Lingerie: Giselle by Reign

Tattoo: White Window

Belly Piercing: Misha Jesuil

BAZAR: Door Decor and Lantern

Apple Fall: Teacup and Lovebirds candle

The Loft: Chidi Candle

ChiMia: Yule Candelabra

Kalopsia: Gold and Roses Table

Consignment: Rose in vase

Skye: Warehouse Loft




I think we are each our own island in a way. It is as if each of us is given a space to fill with our own self. It is a joy to form a strong core, then add the decoration of our talents and interests… to fill that island with joy and individual light.

This time of year seems to be when we look to our own lives and see how we can improve them. For some it’s the endless diet or detox programmes. For me it’s the constant quest to simplify and reduce the stresses in my life.

I am very much of the opinion that we are not fixed islands at a safe and constant distance from others. We are rather more like floating masses. We influence those around us, and are influenced by them. Most of my stresses come second-hand from other people. That makes it more attractive to pull up the draw-bridge, build strong walls, but it is not how I should be.

Far better to take the good of me, the best of me and reach out with it to those close who matter to me. What better to do than share a smile, a lightness of moment and mood.

I know who I am. I know what are my strengths and always try to show and share them. I try to hide the bad and negative about me, even though I often fail.

I have come to the conclusion that we are here to be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be, and to then share that with the world around us.

Reach out to and encourage others. You never know when you might make a real difference to someone else, just by being yourself!








Once Upon A Time….


…that’s how the good, familiar stories of our childhood started, right?

From what I remember, there was always the comforting feeling that no matter what disasters befell the characters, we could be assured that they would all “live happily ever after.”

Then, I am sure that like me, you discovered that life had its own fair share of challenges. Just like the characters in those old stories, we are shaped and strengthened by all we go through.

I AM that annoying person who always looks for the lesson in the hardship. Everything teaches me something… as much as it eventually drags some strength and resilience out of me which weren’t there before. Often it takes a little while to find that silver lining. At times I have a little while to wallow a little, process inwardly and try to find my feet. Those closest to me get to live through the turmoil, but the ones who truly know me give me that boost of reminding me that they know that I have the inner strength to be alright in time.

Thing is, we don’t know if a sparkly, glitter-filled, jewel-encrusted happily ever after is lurking for us just over that next mountain. We can’t skim-read our lives just to find out if the characters end up happily where they are to spend the rest of their days… nor should we.

The happiness we are luckiest to find, appears in the moment we are in. Each and every day has the opportunity to bring that heart-lifting joy in even the smallest smile, or most simple reason.

Then sometimes, when you don’t expect it, one small moment and smile, adds to another… and another.

If I can go to sleep with a smile on my face, I know I have reached where I am happy and at peace. That is my ‘happily ever after’……


…to wake up the next morning, brings an even bigger smile, and gratitude to be given the chance to possibly find yet more moments.



(Picture taken at Bookends: )

Boots: [Gos]- Triumph.

Trousers: Gizza- Emma Bib Overall (Old stock)

Top: Emery – Jyn

Hair/ Hat and headphones: Nutmeg & Entwined – Cameron

Chair: [Consignment] Mesh Wire Armchair London

Table: Fancy Decor – Round Wire Table

Typewriter: BAZAR – Stockholm Typewriter

Coffee and Biscuits: *AF* Cookie Board

Building: Trompe Loeil – Larcadia Cottage

Sign: Letterpress – Once Upon A Time








Step away!

Step away


This year has been a really hard one for me.


Then again, it seems I arrive at the end of each year on my knees, glad to wave that old year goodbye. They never seem to get any easier at all.

For me, the past few months have seemed like one disaster, followed by another. I have tried not to let any of them stump me, have stumbled a little, but kept on going, but last night, I felt I had reached the end of my tether with many things. Have you ever got to that point where you can’t even form the words to say goodnight? I was completely empty, a stunned and silent shell.

When things affect me like this, I withdraw into myself. I try really hard not to inflict my mood on others. This morning still found me in an uneasy vacuum of self-imposed silence. I neither wanted to engage with the day, nor people.

Like a zombie I logged into SL but didn’t want to be completely alone. I wanted to be around people, yet not really in the middle of a crowd. I turned to one of my hiding places and people-watched.

As I waited to see if coffee could revive my spirits at all, I got into conversation with someone new. This was someone who asked about my artistic side. I was reminded that the thing which I love the most about SL… and always have… is the creativity which the place is dripping with. I love that everything in it has been built or made by someone there. It still has the power to amaze me.

It attracts creative people. It gives us a whole new playground, somewhere to add overlayers to our lives and experiences, a place which sprinkles pixel glitter onto our RL arts.

The conversation was of two halves, I spoke of RL art and SL pictures, and the other person spoke of bringing RL music into SL and collaborating with others.

Somehow, somewhere in the mixing and swapping of ideas and experiences, my mental fog was cleared for a little while.

Some of the magic we spoke of sneaked in and blew glitter through the clouds ofย  my unhappiness.

I was reminded that to create anything, be it a picture, or to sing the simplest song, I have to step momentarily from the mire in which I find myself. I can leave all that behind and step free. It is to focus on something else. In looking forwards, I leave where I am now.

Something to throw into the mix of my morning, we spoke of January and the strength of one month. We mused on what it is that makes January such a powerful and magical force which can bring about an energized new start to all who seek it?

Well my humble take on this, is that January has no more power than any other month of the year. What it actually does is spark something in ourselves. It lets us step out of ourselves a little and look forwards. We can blame the month for the renewed strength and power we find in ourselves to take even the smallest step to a newer time and a fresher mind.

I hope that January sprinkles glitter-like positivity into your lives and reminds you that you are worth much happiness and peace.



Pose : Gingerfish – Cinema Verite

Hair : Analog Dog. – Soca

Glasses: SteinWerk

Cardigan and Jeans: L&B Swear.

Boots: [Gos] Triumph

Rings: Yummy – Winter Solstice

Fireplace, Books, Patchwork Rug and Bookshelves: Apple Fall.

Bench: Cheeky Pea

Round Cushion: Revival

Round Rug: Junk

Tea Tray: Tres Blah

Clock and Musical Box: Fancy Decor

Sketch Book: 7mad;Ravens

Diary: 8f8

Whippet dog: Foxes

Kangaroo Plushie: O.M.E.N.









Snowed in!


I have always felt the need to create a home base in SL.

I also tend to pick everything up and rebuild my home environment when hard or sad times hit me. It’s a way of creating mental space, as well as starting afresh… almost a complete and utter sweeping out of negativity, I think.

This autumn I felt as if I was opening a new chapter in life. Of course my SL home had to be changed accordingly. There’s something wonderful about autumn. It’s as if the days becoming shorter and light receding make the world of my thoughts and emotions become closer, and cosier.

For where I am in my life, and particularly with all this year has thrown at me… hard… I needed to feel as if I was wrapping myself up, caring for myself and keeping the harsh and negative away from me as much as possible. My home space in SL is very much ‘me’. It’s a place where I am in a little more control of events and atmosphere. It’s a place to be calm and heal, a place to recharge and smile.

I am sure there will be more pictures taken inside my home, but of those who have so far visited, it’s been said to be “Quaint, calm and quirky”, all things I aspire to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s very much how I am on the other side of the screen, and a cosy cottage in the middle of a wood would be my preferred place to hide and reside.

The two visitors I have had so far found the fire burning of course, a break from the cold outside. There is always a pot of tea ready, but being me, there’s also the coffee machine ready too. Should a visitor prefer, there’s a choice of something a little stronger too. Food is ready, should it be ‘needed’. There’s a selection of cakes and biscuits, but also stew, and thanks to a gift from my friend Felipe, there is buttered toast with marmite, just to bring a smile to my face.

My SL home is very much a place for the few who are close to me to come and find a space to relax. It’s very much representative of me, my presence in a pixelated world. This offers a place of calm, a place of shelter. This is a home where there is to be laughter and conversation of any and all topics.

It’s very much the welcome I extend to those who know me on the other side of the screen too. I was told yesterday that I am very much a ‘mirror self’. It wasn’t an expression I had heard before, but the explanation was that I am just the same in SL, as I am in RL as a person. This is true, for all my issues ๐Ÿ˜‰

Further self-examination this weekend made me bring the snow. I LOVE winter in SL. The snow lasts as long as we wish, as deep as possible, but never gets muddy or mushy.

So here’s the picture of my shrouded-in-snow cottage. Let me be clear, it’s in the middle of a woodland surrounded by a high wall. Unless you are invited in, you will not find it.

To those who make it past the wall, there is a set of lights to lead you to the door and a place where those few will find acceptance and warmth. A place of refuge and friendship.

However, it is not to be found by all.


House : Noelle Cottage and snow covering – Trompe Loeil (although I modified the cottage a little.)

Falling snow: Simplest Snow – DDD

Snowman: Flakey the Snowman {What Next}

Snow-covered bushes: Soy

Snow dog: Half-Deer

Mini igloo lanterns: Soy

Stone Path: {LORE}

Twinkling Ivy : DDD

Twinkling lights log : Keke

Big Log Pile : DDD

Pheasant and Blue Tit: TLC

Fox: Jian

Birdhouse: hive

Trees and grass : 3D Trees